King's Bounty Swag Bag Events

We have some changes to Swag Bag Events! First of all, Swag Bags are now available to obtain at all times! They are no longer restricted to Events.


That said, now introducing... King's Bounty Swag Bag Events!


King's Bounty Swag Bag Event details:


  • King's Bounty Swag Bag Events operate very similarly to how they did previously, with the addition of one key element: Swag Bags now have a chance to drop Crowns when shared during the King's Bounty Swag Bag Events.
  • The Crowns (which, again, only drop when Swag Bags are shared during the Event), can be found by anyone in your guild. Every time someone finds a Crown, it will be added to your Guild's total.
  • After your Guild finds a certain number of Crowns, your entire Guild will receive the listed prize.
    • After that, your Guild's goal will extend to a greater number of Crowns, and if you meet that goal, your entire Guild will get additional, better prizes, and so on.


Additional details:


  • The colors of Swag Bags will depend on what the previous King's Bounty Swag Bag Event was.
    • Meaning if the current Event is Green, then all Swag Bags shared after the Event will be Green until the next King's Bounty Swag Bag Event begins.
  • Items inside the Swag Bag are not determined until the Swag Bag is opened.
    • This means if you obtain Swag Bags during a Red Event, but drop them during a Yellow Event, the items in the Swag Bag will be Yellow.


In fact, a King's Bounty Swag Bag Event has started at the drop of this new update! This Event will run until Oct 13 GMT. If you have any questions about King's Bounty Swag Bag Events, make sure to visit the FAQ section!


Quest on!



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