Up To Date Solutions to Common Issues

Q: I want to start my account over, or un-link Facebook or Google.

A: Unfortunately we are not able to assist you in this currently. We suggest starting the game over on a new device, and login with a different account.


Q: How are Dungeon Challenge final standings determined?

A: All the data from everyone's individual devices are sent to the server at the end of each event. The server calculates and determines the official rankings and sends the appropriate rewards and final rankings to your device. If you see a discrepancy in rankings near the end of the event, rest assured that the server has all of the official data, and your leaderboard will be updated appropriately. 


Q: I still need help.

A: Please go to the Option Menu in-game and press the Support button - this will email us including your Player ID so that we can help you more efficiently.

If you are unable to get into the game right now, please send us an email here.