Enchants are a brand new element added to Creature Quest that you can use to customize your Creatures even further than before! Now the amount of Combo Dots and their colors are the only things that differentiate two of the same kind of Creature!

Here's what you need to know about Enchants:


  • Enchants provide random Passive Abilities to your Creature.

  • Each Creature Rarity has 3 levels of Research (Bronze, Silver, Gold) that each cost a different amount.

  • Enchant Tiers must be researched in your Kingdom to unlock them.

  • Gold Enchants are intended for users with extremely high-leveled Kingdoms. It may be difficult to roll for these until you get to max castle level.
  • The currency you use to obtain these Enchants may include Kingdoms Resources, Compendiums, and new items called Arcane Dust and Formulas.
  • You can find these new items on any of the Grand Wish Quest, the dual-color Quests, and on the new Expert Quest, Arcana - Draconic Corruption.
  • There are four kinds of Enchants that provide different Passives:
    • Courage Enchant can provide:
      • +HP
      • +Protection
      • -Damage taken from Special Abilities
      • -Damage taken from Basic Attacks
      • -Damage taken from Burn and Poison
      • -Damage taken from debuffed enemies
      • -Damage taken while Creature is at full HP
      • -Damage taken while this Creature is below half HP
    • Honor Enchant:
      • +ATK
      • +DEF
      • +Damage against debuffed enemies
      • +Damage against Large or Boss enemies
      • +Damage against enemies at yellow HP
      • +Damage against enemies at red HP
      • +Chance to counter with a Basic Attacks vs Special Ability,
      • +Chance to drain 5% Mana on Basic Attack
    • Spirit Enchant (unlocked by evolving your Creature to its 2nd state):
      • +LUK
      • +HP regeneration on Deathblow
      • +Heal All on Deathblow
      • +Chance to generate a Mana ball on Basic Attack
      • +Chance to cause a 2-turn random stat debuff on Basic Attack
      • +Chance to cause a 2-turn 25% PWR Poison on Basic Attack
      • +Chance to cause a 2-turn 25% Burn on Basic Attack
      • +Chance to Cleanse 1 debuff from self on Basic Attack
    • Wrath Enchant (unlocked by evolving your Creature to its 3rd state):
      • +PWR
      • +Crit rate
      • +Crit damage
      • +Chance to double-strike with Basic Attack
      • +Combo multiplier damage
      • +Damage while this Creature is at full HP
      • +Damage while this Creature is below half HP
      • +Chance to detonate DoTs on Basic Attack
  • You can have one of each Enchant active at a time. 
  • Similar to Prismatic Orbs, you can choose to keep your old Enchant if you do not like the new one you rolled.


That's everything you need to know about Enchants. If you have any questions about Enchant, make sure to check out the FAQ page!


Quest on!



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