Expert Quests

Questers, we have a new challenge for you! Expert Quests are all-new Quests that have their own set of "advanced" rules and unlock at player level 40. Make sure you have a well-equipped team that's ready for the dangers that await in Expert Quests.


Here's what's the scoop on Expert Quests:


  • Advanced Rules include:
    • You cannot use Diamonds to revive your team when it is completely defeated.
    • Enemy Creatures are fully evolved and fully Awakened.
    • In order to unlock Quick Questing, you must complete the Quest at 100%, even for VIP users.
  • The difficulty levels are Emperor, Immortal, Demigod, and Deity.
  • The first new Expert Quest is Arcana: Draconic Corruption.
    • Find the adventurer's clues that provide details on how to pacify the Elemental Dragons.
  • Expert Quests are one of the three places where you can find items to use for Enchants: Arcane Dust and Formulas.


So, are you up for the challenge? Good luck!


Quest on!



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