Tips & Tricks

To Help You On Your Quest

Here are all the Tips from the loading screens!

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Quest On!


More Mana!
If your Creature kills an enemy with a Basic Attack, it will receive more Mana than its allies!

Get Lucky!
Remember, luck increases a Creature's chance to critically hit and resistance to debuffs!

Dungeon Defenders
You'll need Creatures of all different sizes to defend your dungeon in Dungeon Challenge!

Four Sure Combo
Althought it doesn't happen often, Common and Rare Creatures can have 4 Combo Dots!

Target Enemies!
Remember to target a specific enemy by tapping it in battle!

Fortify Your Dungeon
You have to create a dungeon before you can attack other players in Dungeon Challenge!

Growing Pains
Remember that evolving Creatures will set them to Level 1, but they have much higher attributes when you level them up! Keep Gems handy! 

Get Stronger!
Creatures gain improved attributes and abilities as you evolve and level them up.

Out Of Space?
You can purchase additional Creature Storage in the Diamond Shop.

Ultra Combo!
Creatures with 4 uniquely-colored Combo Dots are able to obtain the highest multiplier possible when combo'ed!

Combo Potential
The more Combo Dots a Creature has, the higher its potential.

It is a good idea to keep a Creature with a Cleanse ability in storage so you can get rid of those nasty debuffs!

Don't forget to use Totems on your favorite Creatures.

Falling Mana
Ever notice blue balls flying around? Those are Mana balls. Fill up your Creatures' Mana bars to activate their Special Abilities! 

Team Composition
Mix and match Creatures with complementary colors and Combo Dots to create the ultimate team!

Are those nasty enemies buffing themselves too much? Take away their advantage by using a Creature with Dispel! 

Color Coordinated
Remember that each color is strong against a specific color and weak to another.

Beware of Bosses
When you are on an adventure, you will encounter powerful Creatures whom you must defeat to complete your Quest. Proceed with caution, as they are extremely dangerous! 

Regrouping Ruffians
If you leave an encounter mid-fight, the enemy Creatures will regroup and you will have to fight all the waves again!

Stun Locked
If an enemy Creature is stunned, it becomes immune to additional stuns until their next attack.

Silence Immune
If an enemy Creature is silenced, it cannot be silenced again until it successfully uses its ability!

Variety is the Spice of Life
Can't get past a specific battle on a Quest? Try fighting some enemies in the Battle Tower to earn some loot and power-up your team! 

Rarest of the Rare
Compete in Dungeon Challenge for a chance to win Legendary Creatures!

Singled Out
You can only have progress on one map at a time.

Use Your Gems!
Remember to use the Gems you find to level up your Creatures.

Too Difficult?
If a Quest is too hard, try using Creatures with color counters or level up your team!

Sweet, Sweet Revenge!
You can get revenge on players that have attacked you in Dungeon Challenge! Don't let them get away with it! 

Who's the Boss?
Use your best Boss sized Creature in your Boss Wave in Dungeon Challenge!

Totem Defense
Applying Totems on Creatures guarding your dungeon can be the difference in a successful defense!

Dungeon Challenge Combo Dots
The more Combo Dots a Creature has, the faster it attacks in your dungeon in Dungeon Challenge!

Beat Yourself Up
You can test your own dungeon in the My Dungeon Page.

Merchant Buffs
The Exp Boost and Gold Boost from Quest merchants only apply to that particular Quest.

Bonus Quest Loot
Complete a map to 100% and receive a loot bonus!

Abandon Quest
If you get stuck on a Quest, you can abandon it from the Quest Log.

Got Buffs?
Tap the Quest log book to view any buffs or bonuses you've collected.

Deadly Wishes
The Grand Wish Quests will prove daunting to all but the most seasoned adventurers. Do not embark on these Quests unless you are well prepared for a stiff challenge. 

Quick Battle Coins
Completed a Quest at 100% or a Boss Floor in the Battle Tower? Use Quick Battle Coins to instantly finish a previous battle and reap the rewards!  

That's the Ticket!
Don't forget to use Tickets to summon common Creatures to help round out your dungeons and teams!

Dungeon Challenge Creatures
Remember, the most valuable Creatures can be earned through Dungeon Challenge! 

More Dots!
When a Creature's Combo Dots are fully consumed, it gains a multiplier to its healing and damage on its next action. The more Dots a Creature has, the higher the multiplier!

Flying Colors
A Red teammate will consume all Red Combo Dots, gaining Mana for each Dot and potentially activating a combo for another Creature on your team. All other colors function the same way.

Customization: Tome Swap
Feel like customizing your Creature further? Try giving them a new passive and Basic Attack by using Tome Swap!

Know When to Hold Them
Tap and hold on various icons to get more information about an item. Give it a shot, who knows what you might learn!

Fill Your Dungeon!
Filling all available slots in your Dungeon Challenge dungeon provides a significant boost to your Boss wave(s)!

Make a Mend
Casting Mend will give allied Creatures health over time. Watch out when enemies cast Mend or else you might be in for a long fight!

Too Fatigued
When affected with Fatigue, a Creature will receive less health when healed than they normally would. Make sure they don't kick the bucket while they are tuckered out!

Why wait? Detonate!
A Creature that has a poison or burn can have that effect detonated, which removes the effect but does all the damage it would have done over time all at once! Ouch!

Delivering Deathblows
When a Special Ability refers to 'Deathblow', it requires an enemy Creature to be killed for the added effect to trigger.


Deal an overabundance of damage on a killing blow for a chance at Overkill, or even more damage for a Splat Overkill. These make enemies EXPLODE with more loot!

Awaken Your Creatures!
After fully evolving your Creature, fuse duplicate Creatures or use Awakening Essences to unlock more abilities, greater stats, break level cap, and more!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
An Awakened Eternal Phoenix can revive itself once per battle!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
An Awakened Egghead will gain a Protection and Mend buff alongside their heal. It even has a chance to reduce incoming damage on itself when fully Awakened!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
An Awakened Ice Queen can silence ALL enemies!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
An Awakened Wicked Witch can Detonate burns and poisons! This removes the effect but does all the damage it would have done over time all at once. Ouch!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Genies can heal their allies if a specific buff type is active!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Elementals and Giants all have a chance to perform a unique counterattack!

Awakenings: Did You Know?
Awakened Drakes and Dragons specialize in dealing DEVASTATING damage to their opposite Color!


Kingdoms Loading Tips

  • The Rate and Efficiency of a structure is determined by number of stars the Creature has inside it!
  • Creatures with Awakened Red Stars provide a higher Rate and Efficiency than yellow stars!
  • Need more resources? 'Rush' your structures!
  • Shrines can only contain Creatures of a specific color, increasing the stats of all similarly-colored Creatures!
  • Libraries that create Scrolls need a mix of Tomes and Compendiums to upgrade, make sure to keep some handy!
  • The Gem mines produces exp Gems matching the color of the Creature inside.
  • Stuck on a Boss or want to make your dungeon tougher? Increase Creature stats by using 'Boost' on Shrines and Keeps!
  • Structures receive a significant boost and a renovation every 5 levels. You'll need to use Scrolls to 'Research' the ability to upgrade!
  • Structures grant Renown as they level up. Your Castle cannot be upgraded until your Kingdom reaches a certain amount of Renown!
  • Structures need Creatures inside them in order to function!
  • Don't be afraid to remove Structures on the map. They are stored in your inventory and retain their level, giving you the ability to swap freely!
  • Merchants visit your Kingdom daily, make sure to take advantage of their wares!
  • All structures in your inventory provide Renown for your Kingdom, even unplaced ones!
  • Structures with a blue arrow are ready to upgrade!