Update 1.3.10

Hey Questers, we have an all-new update packed with some great updates that you've been asking for! Check it out:



  • We've doubled the maximum Creature Storage space from 250 to 500 (via Diamond Shop).
  • We've doubled the Epic Creature drop rates in Event Quests.
  • We've doubled the drop rates of 4-Dot and 3-Dot Common & Rare Creatures.



  • Alternate Battle Tower encounters that rotate weekly and other minor updates on Floors 45 to 51.
    • Floor 45: Sludge Hulk OR Medusa
    • Floor 46: Unicorn and Pegasus OR Smug Tengu with Magical Masks
    • Floor 47: Tyrannosaurus (without exclusive special abilities) OR Angel (without exclusive special abilities)
    • Floor 48: Jade Dragon OR Sky Vizier with Orderly Nursequitos.
    • Floor 49: Sphinx OR Fire Magess
    • Floor 50: Astral Watcher OR Druid (Boss Wave 1), Occultist OR Angel (Boss Wave 2)
    • Floor 51: NEW Anubis OR Wizard (Boss Wave 1), Sorceress (Boss Wave 2), Fallen Angel (Boss Wave 3).
  • Re-balanced the Fallen Angel final boss on Floor 51 of the Battle Tower to cast abilities a little less frequently.
  • You can now share your team in Guild chat for advice.
  • Removed Revenge from failed attacks in Dungeon Challenge.
  • Removed a few of the automated Guild Notifications:
    • When promoted to Silver League in Dungeon Challenge
    • When promoted to Gold League in Dungeon Challenge
    • Completing a map on King Difficulty for the first time
    • Fully awakening a Common/Rare/Epic Creature
  • Improved the information when inspecting members within your Guild & inspecting other Guilds besides your own.
  • You can now filter your Creatures by Favorites in Creature Inventory.
  • Check-In Events will be month-long events with 25 rewards.



  • 🐶 July 18-31 [Seasonal Quest] Puppy Love
  • 🐶 July 27-29 [Summon Event] Dog Days of Summer - NEW LEGENDARY Cerberus



  • 🏆 June 27: Wing and a Prayer – Legendary Event
  • 🏆 July 4: Firebat out of Hell
  • 🏆 July 11: Unlimited Power - Legendary Event
  • 🏆 July 18: Wicked Shadows



  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen when tapping on View Guild from a leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue where VIP Diamond Shop discounts were not applied instantly.
  • Fixed a crash in the Spanish version that could occur when you're in an invite-only Guild and you click through the tabs.


Check out the Creature Clips video here!


Quest on!