Check-In Event Overhaul!

What's up, Questers? Moving into July, Check-In Events are getting a complete overhaul!


Previously, you would have a set amount of days to collect all of the rewards in a Check-In Event, but if you missed a day, you miss out on a reward. 


Now, Check-In Events are month-long, but include on 25 rewards. That way if you miss a couple of days for the Check-In Event, no harm done! You can claim your reward on the next day you log in. However, if you log in less than 25 Days a month, you will miss out of the top reward(s). 


With this new way of running Check-In Events, we hope that you guys will feel more rewarded (because there's more rewards, duh), and feel less tension if you accidentally miss out on a day.


Our first Check-In Event using this new format starts July 1st. Here are the Rewards:


Day 1: Gold 💰

Day 2: Diamonds 💎

Day 3: Quick Battle Coins ⚔️

Day 4: Tokens ⚪

Day 5: Lesser Awakening Essence ⭐

Day 6: Tickets 🎟️

Day 7: Diamonds 💎

Day 8: Quick Battle Coins ⚔️

Day 9: Tokens ⚪

Day 10: Prismatic Orbs 🌈

Day 11: Gold 💰

Day 12: Diamond Idol 🗿

Day 13: Quick Battle Coins ⚔️

Day 14: Tokens ⚪

Day 15: Lesser Awakening Essence ⭐

Day 16: Tickets 🎟️

Day 17: Diamonds 💎

Day 18: Quick Battle Coins ⚔️

Day 19: Tokens ⚪

Day 20: Epic Idol 🗿

Day 21: Gold 💰

Day 22: Diamonds 💎

Day 23: Quick Battle Coins ⚔️

Day 24: Tokens ⚪

Day 25: Greater Awakening Essence ☀️


Quest on!