Community Choice Summon Event

The Community Choice Summon Event is now live! We ask you guys what Creatures you'd like to see in a Summon Event, and Phoenix, Sandworm, and Druid were the fan-favorites! Us over that VCME office felt left out, so we polled the office and Devout Knight came up as our favorite, so we threw him in, too. Why not? 


Each Diamond Summon has a chance of being a Ballot Box, which holds 1 of 8 Community-approved Creatures, 4 of which are Legendary!


Legendary: Phoenix, Sandworm, Druid, Devout Knight.

Epic: Firebat, Cockatrice, Earth Elemental, Shard Golem.


Special thanks to everyone who participated in the Community Choice Poll in July! 


Quest on! 🗳️

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