Community Choice Summon Event Poll

Hey Creature Quest Community! We want YOU to vote for three Legendary Creatures to appear in a future Summon Event. Now's your chance to make your voice heard!


We've chosen 15 of the most popular Creatures amongst the Community for you to vote on:


Bracket 1: Phoenix – Forest Giant – Thunder Giant – Devout Knight – Stegosaurus

Bracket 2: Fire Giant – Sandworm – Peri – Young Blue Dragon – Abomination

Bracket 3: Mist Giant – Druid – Sphinx – Tiamat – Spider Queen


The one Creature from each bracket with the most votes by Thursday, July 13th at 5 PM PT will appear in the Community Choice Summon Event coming this September. 


How do you vote, you ask? Simple! Click the "VOTE HERE" button below, and you will be brought to a YouTube video. Follow the instructions at the start of the video to cast your votes.


**Note: The polling system ONLY works on desktop browser on the YouTube Mobile App-- NOT on mobile browser. You will need to be logged into YouTube to vote, and you can only vote once.



Quest on!