Recruit-A-Friend Update

Inviting friends to play Creature Quest just got more rewarding with a new Recruit-A-Friend campaign. Click the “Invite” tab under Social and recruit your friends with a unique code. Here are the exciting rewards that you’ll get when you invite your friends to use your invite code:


·      2 Friends: Diamond Idol

·      4 Friends: EXCLUSIVE 4 Dot Epic Creature: Jade Dragon 🐉

·      7 Friends: 6 Different Color Idols

·      10 Friends: Legendary Idol


Your friends get a free Rare Creature and more when they redeem your invite! Please note that every user can only redeem one invite. 

This is an all-new Recruit-A-Friend campaign, so all rewards only are for future recruits.

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, and text message to get the exclusive 4 Dot Jade Dragon plus a free Legendary Creature!


Quest on!