Update 1.14 is here!

Update Details:

- New Bonus reward for supporting your Guild in Guild Wars! By sharing Galleons with fellow Guild members, players will now receive Bonus War Coins, regardless of rank, at the end of each War. Note: This will be on an individual basis - you only get rewarded for how much you share.

- New Grand Wish Quest:

Take on the Genies as you attempt to claim your Grand Wish! For the most seasoned Questers, completing this Quest at the highest tier will offer up a completely unique reward! Are you up to the challenge?

This Quest can be viewed in the Expert map section of the Quests. Players will be required to first complete the 6 colored normal Wish maps before it will unlock, and after completing the Quest, it will go on cooldown for a week. However, even during the cooldown, progress can still be made towards unlocking it again.  Players will be given the option to make a Wish at the end of the map; the strength of the Wish will depend on the difficulty.

Please note: Once a difficulty is completed, the next will unlock; VIP will not allow players to skip the difficulties of the map. Additionally, Quick Quest and Quick Battle are permanently disabled for this Quest.

- Ability Updates:

- Alchemist: increasing base heal, increasing Mend, DoTs and Detonate now hit all enemies

- Archmage: adding Dispel, increasing damage, now steals mana from enemies for the party

- Asura: adding revive, cleanse, and late-stage team heal. removing some damage aspects

- Banshee: changing to have an initial target (rather than all random), adding LUK debuff

- Behemoth: adding PWR buff, mana generation, and self-cleanse; increasing Dispel chance to 100%

- Colossus: moving ‘target all’ to the base ability, adding stun and Dispel, adjusting damage curve.

- Devil: increasing debuff potencies, adding equivalent LUK debuff, increasing base damage

- Gill Fiend: increased damage reduction in passive, increased Mana Drain

- Medusa: adding Dispel, increasing stun duration, adding AoE damage

- Monkey King: increasing base chain damage, adding Dispel, increasing stun duration

- Red Dragon: adding team cleanse, increasing base burn damage

- Scylla: Moving Mend to base ability and removing the restriction, increasing Mend and Fatigue potencies

- Bonus Fort level-up chance. Guilds will have a small chance based on their current ranks to gain an additional level on a fort when it is leveled up.

- Various bug fixes

Important information for Facebook and iOS users:

- [Facebook]
 - Due to recent Facebook changes, we are unable to support linking accounts via Facebook
 - If you would like to still use your account across multiple devices, we suggest switching your account link to Google:
    - Options in-game > Modify Account > Google > then use a Google email that has never been associated with another Creature Quest account

[iOS 32-bit]
 - Due to the mandatory iOS SDK update required for all new updates, we are no longer able to support 32-bit iOS devices. We sincerely apologize to anyone that might be affected by this, and we hope to see you on another device.

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