Update 1.15 Is Here!

Update 1.15

-Global Chat is here!

Questers level 10+ can now chat with any other player in the game in the Global Chat from the Home Screen.  We just ask that everyone be respectful and mindful of others.

-Guild Wars Shop:

Many items/bundles have had their prices reduced and their weekly limit increased.

-Grand Wish:

Reduce map cooldown from 7 days to 6 days.

The Guild will be notified each time the Grand Wish is completed.

Creature Ability Updates:

-Jellyfish (Stinging Tentacles) – focusing attacks on a single target and increasing the poison damage and Fatigue debuff.

-Wyvern (Piercing Roar) – now deals bonus damage to Large and Boss Creatures, rather than Small and Medium. Increasing number of Dispels from 1 to 2.

-Troll (Slash & Regenerate) – adding base damage to the attack and increasing Fatigue debuff.

-Sky Vizier (Hassan Chops) – adding chance for each hit to Dispel.

-Hyena (Last Laugh) – adding ATK buff, and applying crit chance to each hit, rather than just the first.

-Panda (Thwack) – increasing stun chance and adding a Dispel.

-Clockwork Soldier (Turbodrill) – adding stun to the initial target and increasing damage

-Witch (Hocus Pocus) – now affects all enemies, added chance for each stat debuff and fatigue, added burn, added party cleanse and Protection from debuffs.

-Jiangshi (Misery) – now hits the row rather than random targets, increased damage, added PWR debuff, added Dispel.


-Player level limit for sharing Galleons:

In order to maintain fair play, there will now be a level 40 requirement for sharing Galleons in a Guild.

Various bug fixes.


Creature Quest