Update 1.11 - Guild Wars!

Guild Wars

Create Armies of Creatures and attack other guilds’ Strongholds while building and defending your own. Compete for the top spot to earn unique rewards at the end of each event.

  • Basics:
  • Players must be in a Guild to participate in Guild Wars.
  • Click the Guild Wars icon on the Home Screen to enter.
  • Each Guild Wars event will last for 7 days, followed by a 3-day downtime.
  • All Guilds will be automatically entered into the event at the start.
  • Armies:
  • Players will construct Armies of 20 Creatures to defend from and attack other guilds.
  • Players can make as many Armies as they want, but only one can be assigned as the Defensive Army.
  • Individual Creature Rating is based on Size, Level, Totems, and Awakening of a Creature
  • Army Rating receives bonuses based on the uniformity of the composition of all the Creatures in the Army.  From Size, Color, Combo Dots, and Enchants.
  • The Enchant bonus will apply the lowest form of Enchant across all Creatures in the army. E.g. to get the Silver Enchant bonus, every Creature must be at least Silver Enchanted.  If one Creature is Bronze Enchanted, the Army will receive the Bronze Bonus.
  • Note: Kingdom buffs will not affect Army Ratings.
  • Strongholds:
  • Each Guild Stronghold has 11 Structures that each have 4 defensive slots.
  • Each Structure will provide a different bonus as it is leveled up.
  • Only Guild Leader, Co-Leader, and Officers can upgrade buildings.
  • An Army can be garrisoned at any time during the event, but it will then be locked for the duration of the event - coordinate with the guild to assign defenders strategically.
  • Structures generate Prestige over time.  The higher the level of a Structure, the more Prestige it will generate over time and the more HP it will have.
  • When a Structure is upgraded, there will be a cooldown before it can be upgraded again.
  • When a Structure reaches 0 HP, it will be reduced by one level.  However, level 1 structures will remain level 1.
  • Attacking:
  • Click on the War button to view potential target guilds to attack. Clicking on a guild name will bring up the enemy guild Stronghold and the Structures to attack.
  • Players will use Galleons to attack other guilds.  2 Galleons will be generated each day, but players have the option to purchase more for themselves or other guild members.
  • Once an army is sent on attack, it will go on cooldown until the next day, but players will have the option to purchase refreshes on an army.
  • An army that has been sent on an attack cannot be edited until the next day, even if refreshed.
  • Attacking other Structures will earn Shards for the guild.  These Shards are the materials used for leveling the guild’s Structures.
  • Guilds will be ranked, and rewarded at the end of the event, based on current Prestige.
  • The player who gets the last hit on a Structure to reduce its level will earn a Killing Blow Bonus.
  • Rewards:
  • Guilds will be awarded with Vaults based on their performance, which contain many powerful and unique rewards.
  • Each guild will also receive a certain number of War Coins, the exclusive currency earned at the end of each event.  They can be used in the special Guild War Shop to buy unique items and packs.
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