Upcoming 1.10 Game Update Preview


- New Creature added: Ceratops (Legendary)
- Creature Inventory adds additional filter by Creature size
- Option added to Idol Summons so groups of 10 can be summoned at once
- Dungeon Challenge bonus ability chance reworked to heavily favor filling all available dungeons in a tier
- Dungeon Challenge Bonuses 2 and 3 have swapped order with Bonuses 4 and 5 respectively
- Revive cost now scales with battle difficulty
- Option to spend Diamonds for upgrades and research in Kingdom
- Option to spend Diamonds to Max Plus Creatures
- Modified rewards in Battle Tower and Dungeon Challenge
- Option to spend Diamonds to Quick Quest above current daily limit
- Doubled daily ad watch limit for slightly lower diamond reward,  +40% more diamonds when watching all available ads in a day
- New vfx for result icons on Multi-Summon result dialog


Ability Changes:
- Marid: Increased DEF buff and increased heal potency
- Ifrit: Increased ATK buff
- Jann: Increased LUK buff and increased number of cleanses and heals
- Shaitan: Changed damage to be based on ATK and increased heal potency 

Awakening Changes:
- Leviathan: Increased self-healing and added a chance for each hit to dispel
- Minotaur Squire: Changed its self-heal to a team heal based on its max HP
- Sandworm: Adding passive damage reduction from Green Creatures  
- Abomination: Changed its counterattack chance to a chance to absorb damage  
- Young Blue Dragon: Changed increased damage vs Red to reduced damage from Yellow Creatures
- Young Red Dragon: Changed increased damage vs Green to reduced damage from Blue Creatures
- Green Dragon: Changed increased damage vs Yellow to reduced damage from Red Creatures
- Young Gold Dragon: Changed increased damage vs Blue to reduced damage from Green Creatures
- Young White Dragon: Adding passive damage reduction from Black Creatures
- Young Black Dragon: Adding passive damage reduction from White Creatures 

Bug Fixes:

- Allow Max Level of medium and small Creatures even if they have not been fully awakened
- Fixed a bug where the Nymphs would recast their 'on-death' abilities again after being revived
- Correctly handle expiration of Facebook user token, will now prompt to re-login when required


[September 14-24] Pirate Game Takeover
[September 18-24] Pirate Event Quest – Class Mateys
[September 21-22] Summon Event – Booty and the Beast - feature the NEW LEGENDARY Ceratops!
Plus many other surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!

Upcoming Dungeon Challenges:

[September 11-17] Just a Hunch - Hunchback Porter
[September 18-24] Flower Power - Druid *Legendary
[September 25- October 1] Reptile Revival - Troglodyte Adept
[October 2-8] Thunder Struck - Thunder Giant *Legendary
[October 9-15] Naga Gonna Give You Up - Naga
[October 16-22] High Stakes - Vampire *Legendary
[October 23-29] Bugging Out - Goliath Beetle
[October 30 - November 5] Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - Fire Giant *Legendary
[November 6-12] Born to Rock - Earth Elemental
[November 13-19] Boom Goes the Dino Might - Stegosaurus *Legendary
[November 20-26] Drake and Bake - Yellow Drake
[November 27- December 3] Knighty Knight - Devout Knight *Legendary

Creature Quest