Upcoming 1.9 Game Update Preview


- Maximum Creature storage increased to 800
- All the Grand Wish Quests will be available for the entire day Sunday UTC, instead of the previous individual 4 hour rotation
- Added option to spend Diamonds for the following Creature modifications:  Add Exp, Evolve, Tome Swap.  This option will not consume any other materials
- Fully revamped new player introduction
- Diamond Summon Event extended to 48 hours from previous 24 hour duration
- Added map burn effect when exploring in Quests
- Enhanced Summon Screen, with special VFX for 3 and 4 combo dot pulls
- Current team highlighted in transition to battles
- Improved progress feedback during scene transitions


- Archangel: Changed from random targets to single target, adjusted Crit Chance in awakening
- Behemoth: Added dispel chance, increased stun chance, and increased number of hits in awakening
- Cyclops: Added PWR/ATK/DEF/LUK buffs in awakening
- Monkey King: Adjusted Crit Chance and added Stun in awakening
- Pyromancer: Changed from random targets to single target with added LUK debuff, added Detonate in awakening

Bug Fixes:

- The dungeon available to attack on revenge in Challenge Mode will always be the same
- Target+Adjacent heals can now target any living party member, even at full HP
- Player allowed to rejoin a guild they left during a previous Challenge Mode event after a new event starts


[July 5-17] Summer Game Takeover
[July 8-14] Summer Event Quest – Puppy Love
[July 10-12] Summon Event – Dog Days of Summer
[August 11-23] Summer Takeover part 2
[August 15-17] Summon Event – Reptile Dysfunction
Plus many other surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!

Upcoming Dungeon Challenges:

[June 19-25] Just a Hunch - Hunchback Porter
[June 26-July 2] Flower Power - Druid *Legendary
[July 3-9] Reptile Revival - Troglodyte Adept
[July 10-16] Thunder Struck - Thunder Giant *Legendary
[July 17-23] Naga Gonna Give You Up - Naga
[July 24-30] High Stakes - Vampire *Legendary
[July 31-August 6] Bugging Out - Goliath Beetle
[August 7-13] Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - Fire Giant *Legendary
[August 14-20] Born to Rock - Earth Elemental
[August 21-27] Boom Goes the Dino Might - Stegosaurus *Legendary
[August 28-September 3] Drake and Bake - Yellow Drake
[September 4-10] Knighty Knight - Devout Knight *Legendary

Creature Quest