Upcoming 1.8 Game Update Preview


- New Creatures added: Scorpion Legionnaire (Legendary), Cloud Nymph (Rare)
- Cloud Nymph is a featured Battle Tower reward with minimum 3 dots
- Combo Dot Promotion allows adding single combo dots to Creatures all the way to 4 Combo Dots
- Combo Reroll completely revamped to allow selecting exact colors for the Combo Dots on a Creature
- Creatures will attack your Kingdom on a regular schedule.  There will be 3 tiers of battles with increasing difficulty for enhanced loot
- Dungeon Challenge Bonus 2 and 3 can support up to 2 colors
- Dungeon Challenge Bonus 2 can support up to 2 stats
- Battle Tower Leaderboard shows the top score by floor attained by players
- Tapping outside pop up dialogs will close them
- Enhanced special ability VFX for multiple Epic creatures


- Corrected inaccurate numeric displays in Kingdom
- Game will no longer clip at the edges on devices with tall, skinny aspect ratios
- Addressed issue where Dungeon Challenge history recorded incorrectly under certain circumstances


[May 7-16] Mother's Day Game Takeover
[May 10-16] Mother's Day Quest – Mommy Meowgic
[May 11-13] Summon Event – Mother Lovin'
[June 10-19] Father's Day Takeover
[June 13-19] Father's Day Quest - Appeasing Poppa - feat NEW LEGENDARY - Scorpion Legionnaire
[June 15-17] Summon Event – Pillaging Poppas – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Scorpion Legionnaire
Plus many other surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!

Upcoming Dungeon Challenges:

[April 10-17] Reptile Revival - Troglodyte Adept
[April 17-24] Thunder Struck - Thunder Giant *Legendary
[April 24-May 1] Naga Gonna Give You Up - Naga
[May 1-8] High Stakes - Vampire *Legendary
[May 8-15] Bugging Out - Goliath Beetle
[May 15-22] Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - Fire Giant *Legendary
[May 22-29] Born to Rock - Earth Elemental
[May 29- June 5] Boom Goes the Dino Might - Stegosaurus *Legendary
[June 5-12] Drake and Bake - Yellow Drake
[June 12-19] Knighty Knight - Devout Knight *Legendary

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