Update 1.12 is here!

Guild Wars:

  • Additional War Coins will be provided to the top 3 damage dealers in each Guild based on rank

  • Reduced Army cooldown from 24hr to 20hr

  • Each member will now receive an individual Vault, still based on Guild rank

  • Increased the number of reward tiers for Guild Wars

  • Officers and above can remove any Army from a Fort during Registration

  • Added a Guild War new chat notification

  • A notification will appear in chat when a player gets a killing blow on a Fort


  • Increased Kingdom Boost from 50% to 200%

  • Greatly reducing the Diamond cost for higher level Kingdom building upgrades


  • Massive Bundle Boost!!!

  • Increased maximum Creature storage by 100 - now 900 total slots!

  • War Coins will now appear in player inventory

  • Fixed an issue with Guild War chat jumping to the bottom

  • Fixed the delay between claiming a Galleon receipt and obtaining the Galleon

  • Fixed a display issue in certain cases for damage and Army strength numbers

  • Various other bug fixes

Creature Quest