Upcoming 1.7 Game Update Preview


•  New Creatures added: Cecaelia (Legendary), Siege Construct (Legendary), Lightning Nymph (Rare)
•  Lightning Nymph is a featured Battle Tower reward with minimum 3 dots
•  New Auto Combat option
•  Dungeon Challenge updated to percentile rankings and vastly improved rewards
•  New Auto Pickup option on Quest maps
•  Combat loot will scale based on number of surviving creatures at battle completion
•  Greatly improved rewards in Battle Tower
•  Improved new player rewards including special 7 day check in rewards, starter bundles and starter Legendary creature


• Boosted the base HP of the following Legendary creatures:
        -Shadow Temptress
•  In Dungeon Challenge, creature special abilities will have increased chance of activating based on the number of filled dungeons
•  Shield cooldowns are standardized to 5 hours
•  Limitations on shield purchasing close to event end have been removed
•  Loot from the Merchant, Ship and Lady in the Lake now increases when achieving Castle level 30


•  Russian characters will show up correctly in non-Russian language clients


[Feb 9-19] Valentine's Day Game Takeover
[Feb 13-19] Valentine's Day Quest – Battlefield of Love
[Feb 13-15] Summon Event – Battlefield of Love
[March 9-18] St. Patrick's Day Takeover
[March 12-18] St. Patrick's Day Quest - Ooze Cruise - feat NEW LEGENDARY - Cecaelia
[March 16-17] Summon Event – Mean and Green – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Cecaelia
[March 30-April 1] Summon Event – Bunny Buddies – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Siege Construct
[April 1-7] Easter Quest - Poached Eggs - feat NEW LEGENDARY - Siege Construct
[April 1-10] Easter Game Takeover
Plus many other surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!

Upcoming Dungeon Challenges:

[Feb 6-13] High Stakes - Vampire *Legendary
[Feb 13-20] Bugging Out - Goliath Beetle
[Feb 20-27] Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot - Fire Giant *Legendary
[Feb 27-March 6] Born to Rock - Earth Elemental
[March 6-13] Boom Goes the Dino Might - Stegosaurus *Legendary
[March 13-20] Drake and Bake - Yellow Drake
[March 20-27] Knighty Knight - Devout Knight *Legendary
[March 27-April 3] Just a Hunch - Hunchback Porter
[April 3-10] Flower Power -  Druid *Legendary

Creature Quest