Green King's Bounty Swag Bag Event

This time, the King's Bounty Swag Bag Event color is green. This Event runs through Jan 14 GMT.

During King's Bounty Swag Bag Events, specially marked Cash Shop items and Special Bundles will provide Swag Bags you can share with your Guild! When you share the Swag Bag with your Guild, it will give one random item from the Event to whomever claims it from your Swag Bag that coincides with the current Swag Bag Event. Swag Bags have a limited amount of items, so be sure to snatch an item if you see one!

Swag Bags have a chance to drop Crowns when shared during the King's Bounty Swag Bag Events. The Crowns (which only drop when Swag Bags are shared during the Event), can be found by anyone in your guild. Every time someone finds a Crown, it will be added to your Guild's total. After your Guild finds a certain number of Crowns, your entire Guild will receive the listed prize. After that, your Guild's goal will extend to a greater number of Crowns, and if you meet that goal, your entire Guild will get additional, better prizes, and so on.

The Gift Bag icon on the bottom of your Guild screen displays how many Swag Bags you have available to give out to your Guildmates. Click on the icon to gift it! Once a Swag Bag is gifted, it will appear in the Chat section. To claim a  Swag Bag, there will be a button in the Guild Chat that displays how many Swag Bags are left to distribute. Click the button if there are still some available!

This Event's Swag Bags can include:

  • Brilliant Green Gems
  • Quick Battle Coins
  • Totems (All Types)
  • Green Rare Awakening Essence
  • Diamonds
  • Green Epic Awakening Essence

Quest on!

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