VIP Updates

Not only have we introduced new VIP Levels (now up to 15), but we've also added new (retroactive) rewards to already existing VIP Levels. Also, if you've previously exceeded VIP 10, all experience gained from after that will be retroactively applied to these new VIP Levels.


What exactly is VIP, and what’s new for VIP’s?


VIP players gain benefits that help them on their Quest, earned via purchases in Creature Quest. VIP points act as “experience” to level up your VIP Level, and upon reaching a new level, you are granted reoccurring and new, one-time bonus rewards!


When looking at the VIP screen, all reoccurring rewards are listed at the top, while all one-time bonus rewards are listed at the bottom. Please note that all Bonus Items are unique to a specific level, and will change upon each level up. 


Here are the NEW, RETROACTIVE VIP bonus rewards that we've added in this Update:


🎁 VIP 1: +1 Bonus Team Slot.

🎁 VIP 2: +1 Bonus Team Slot.

🎁 VIP 5:  +1 Bonus Team Slot.

🎁 VIP 6: +Bonus Swag Bag(s).

🎁 VIP 8: +1 Bonus Team Slot.

🎁 VIP 11: Wacky Toad (4 Combo Dots), Mythic Idol, 30 Quick Battle Coins, 3 Prismatic Orbs, +1 Kingdom Rush per day, +1 Extra Bundle Purchase.

🎁 VIP 12: Moai Head (4 Combo Dots), 2 Epic Green Essences, 2 Epic Blue Essences, 2 Epic Red Essences, +1 Bonus Team Slot, +Bonus Swag Bag(s).

🎁 VIP 13: Manticore (4 Combo Dots), 2 Epic Yellow Essences, 2 Epic White Essences, 2 Epic Black Essences, +1 Bonus Team Slot, +1 Kingdom Rush per day, +1 Extra Bundle Purchase.

🎁 VIP 14: 3 Rainbow Greater Essences, 2 Legendary Green Essences, 2 Legendary Blue Essences, 2 Legendary Red Essences, +1 Bonus Team Slot, +Bonus Swag Bag(s).

🎁 VIP 15: 3 Legendary Idols, 2 Legendary Yellow Essences, 2 Legendary White Essences, 2 Legendary Black Essences, +1 Kingdom Rush per day.


Quest on!



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