Preview of Update 1.5

We wanted to give everyone a heads up on some upcoming balance changes and new features in our next major update, right around the corner!


Upcoming New Features:

  • Enchants - you may have noticed this button in the Creature Customization menu - add additional Passives to Creatures.
  • All New Expert Quest – with advanced rules, higher difficulty, and Enchant materials.
  • Swag Bags will always be available, with New King’s Bounty Special Events for bonus Guild rewards.
  • Defensive Shields for Dungeon Challenge.
  • Updates to Defense Log, VIP, Battle Tower...and More!

Stay tuned for the official patch notes once the update is live for more details.


Upcoming Balance Changes:

  • Ifrit
    • Special ability has been reworked to have an initial attack damage on the selected main target and then hit another target at random
    • Both targets will now be Burned and Poisoned instead of four individual random targets being Burned and Poisoned separately
    • Duration of Burn and Poison have been reduced but potency increased
    • Awakening Fatigue Debuff has been increased from 50% to 80%
  • Lich
    • Awakening has been changed from ‘Mana on Deathblow’ to ‘Steals 20% of the target’s Mana’
    • An awakening has been modified on additional damage versus enemies below 25% HP to below 50% HP
  • Sludge Hulk
    • Now hits all targets first before doing his individual hit on the enemy target
    • This will help with his Detonate mechanic based on the ability modification
  • Archmage
    • Gains the ability to provide team members with mana for each successful chain achieved upon hitting the higher awakening levels

Stay tuned, Update 1.5 will be dropping soon.

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