Update 1.5.2 Patch Notes

EDIT: We have made a few more updates and are preparing the Dungeon Challenge Event. Battle Tower is now live with new changes (and an extra day to play), and you should receive compensation for the Dungeon Challenge AND Battle Tower Event downtime (100 Diamonds, 10 Challenge Points, 10 Quick Battle Coins). Stay tuned for more information.


This month's update is particularly Spooktacular! Check out the Creature Clips video for the highlights.



  • Enchants Are Here – Customize your Creatures with additional Passive Abilities by using New materials found in various Quests plus resources from your Kingdom.
    • More details on this robust NEW system can be found [here].
  • All NEW Expert Quest – with advanced rules, higher difficulty, and Enchant materials.
    • Find the 1st Expert map in the Expert tab on the Quest screen – more details [here].
  • Swag Bags are now always available, with NEW King’s Bounty Special Events.
    • Share during King’s Bounty Events for guildmates to find Crowns – Bonus Rewards are given as the Guild accumulates Crowns – details [here].



  • Defensive Shields are now available for Dungeon Challenge.
    • Shields are active for the specified time unless you Attack someone, then it ends.
    • You will not lose Prestige Defensively when using a Shield, but can gain Prestige for a successful Dungeon Defense.
    • Attackers can still gain Prestige if successful, but you will not lose any if your Shield is Active.
  • You can now name your Dungeons, see which one was attacked in your Defense Log, and identify what wave a Creature was defeated in.
  • Added new VIP levels 11 – 15 plus new VIP benefits for all VIP levels – all automatically retroactive. Find details [here].
  • Coming soon: skip non-Boss Floors in the Battle Tower if you’d like.
  • When pressing to see a Creature from within a Team list, you can now cycle through just the Creatures on that team. Same thing for within a Dungeon.
  • Added more information to Creatures when inspecting in a Battle.
  • Boost info section has been added to the Dungeon Challenge screen.
  • In Combat, you can now see what Buffs are active from Kingdoms & Quests.
  • Merchant windows will now display your inventory stock related to the item being sold.
  • Combo Dots now always show on the Creature Info Screen, especially helpful when Awakening.
  • New Player info when inspecting a player & when searching Guild members: Dungeon Challenge Info, Battle Tower Score, & Last Login.
  • Quick Battle Coins, Tickets, and Tokens available in the new Bundles Shop.



  • Ifrit
    • Special ability has been reworked to have an initial attack damage on the selected main target and then hit another target at random
    • Both targets will now be Burned and Poisoned instead of four individual random targets being Burned and Poisoned separately
    • Duration of Burn and Poison have been reduced but potency increased
    • Awakening Fatigue Debuff has been increased from 50% to 80%
  • Lich
    • Awakening has been changed from ‘Mana on Deathblow’ to ‘Steals 20% of the target’s Mana’
    • An awakening has been modified on additional damage versus enemies below 25% HP to below 50% HP
  • Sludge Hulk
    • Now hits all targets first before doing his individual hit on the enemy target
    • This will help with his Detonate mechanic based on the ability modification
  • Archmage
    • Gains the ability to provide team members with mana for each successful chain achieved upon hitting the higher awakening levels



  • Fixed an issue in Kingdom Mode where the Merchants would sometimes not provide the correct items for purchase. 
  • Improved enemy self-revive animation latency. 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during Awakening. 
  • Several other optimizations and improvements. 



  • 👻[Oct 20-31] Spooktacular Game Takeover
  • 👻[Oct 25-31] Halloween Quest – Sweet Revenge
  • 👻[Oct 29-31] Summon Event – Ghoul of My Dreams – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Gill Fiend
  • 👻Plus many fang-tastic surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!



  • 🏆[Oct 10] NEW Just a Hunch
  • 🏆[Oct 17] NEW Flower Power – Legendary
  • 👻[Oct 24] NEW Reptile Revival – with Spooktacular Theme!
  • 🏆[Oct 31] NEW Thunder Struck – Legendary



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