Red Token Summon Event

Today's Token Summon Event's color is Red


In Token Summon Events, you will have a chance of finding bonus items inside Token Chests on the Summon screen that are not normally found inside them. These items may vary depending on the Event and the Token Chest from which you choose to Summon from! Here are the bonus items available during this Token Summon Event:


Common Token Chests:

  • Large Red Gems
  • Quick Battle  Coins
  • Prismatic Orbs
  • Common Red Essence


Rare Token Chests:

  • Brilliant Red Gems
  • Quick Battle Coins
  • Prismatic Orbs
  • Rare Red Essence


Legendary Token Chests:

  • Flawless Red Gems
  • Quick Battle Coins
  • Prismatic Orbs
  • Epic Red Essence
  • Red Idol

Get your Summons in now! This is a 24-hour Event.

Quest on!

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