Update 1.4.5

Hey, everyone! We wanted to address some of your feedback about update 1.4 - especially about Dungeon Challenge 2.0. Check it out:



  • Creatures now have Stun immunity on Offense after being Stunned.
  • Dungeon Challenge Bonus Modifiers are removed for incomplete Dungeons. Modifiers will remain for full Dungeons.
    • Increased chance to cast ability are removed in incomplete Dungeons – this will include the boss wave and will no longer guarantee an ability on first turn.
    • Faster turn order based on Combo Dots will be removed in incomplete Dungeons. 



  • The Lady in the Lake merchant in Kingdoms now has better items in stock.
  • Color counters are now even more important - and now have implications in reverse.
    • When attacking the ideal color (clockwise in the chart below - for example, Red attacks Green), Debuffs have a greater chance of landing on the Creature being attacked.
    • When attacking the opposing color (counter-clockwise in the chart below - for example, Green attacks Red), a Resistance Bonus has been added for the Creature being attacked. Note, this does not apply to Black / White.
    • Attacks between colors that are not directly positive or negative produce neutral results (for example, Red attacks Yellow).
    • This chart is also available by pressing the ? on the top right of any battle.


  • Fixed an issue in the Tomb Raiders Quest where the progress displayed at 100% before defeating the final boss.
  • Updated art image of Rare Keep in Kingdoms on some Android devices.
  • If a player was defeated in a battle and then used Quick Battle to proceed, sometimes improper rewards were given.
  • Fixed an issue where Debuffs were sometimes being applied to defeated Creatures.
  • Additional optimizations and text updates.


  • 🗺️ [Through 10/1] Event Quest - Class Mateys feat. NEW Legendary Asura
  • 🎟️ [9/22 – 9/23] INAUGURAL Ticket Summon Event
  • 💎 [9/29 -10/1] Diamond Summon Event - School of Hard Knocks feat. NEW Legendary Asura
  • 🎁 [9/27 – 9/28] Red Swag Bag Event
  • ⚫ [10/3] White Token Chest Summon Event 
  • ⚫ [10/4] Black Token Chest Summon Event
  • 🎟️ [10/6 - 10/7] Ticket Summon Event



  • 🏆 [9/20 - 9/26] NEW Boom Goes the Dino Might (Legendary)
  • 🏆 [9/27 - 10/3] NEW Drake and Bake
  • 🏆 [10/4 - 10/10] NEW Knighty Knight (Legendary)
  • 🏆 [10/11 - 10/17] NEW Just a Hunch


Quest on! 

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