Update 1.4

This is our BIGGEST update ever! It's so big, that we even have a new App Icon! 


Check it out:



  • That’s right, the new Kingdoms button is finally clickable! Kingdoms are now available for everyone to play. Dive in and start building your own land inside Creature Quest.
  • Build different kinds of structures and recruit your Creatures to operate them.
    • Different structures have different functions. Some even boost Creature stats across all game modes!
    • Certain structures can produce different resources depending on the Creature you put in charge of it.
  • Gather valuable resources daily from structures you build to help expand your Kingdom’s landscape, build new kinds of structures, and improve existing ones.
    • Tier 2 & Tier 3 Kingdom resources can be found on the Restricted Quests.
    • You can also find Kingdoms resources in Token Chests now!
  • Special Merchants will sometimes visit your Kingdom to offer you extra valuable resources.
  • Expanding your Kingdom will grant you with special rewards.
  • New Achievements are available for Kingdoms.
  • This is just phase 1 for Kingdoms! Stay tuned because we will be rolling out even more cool updates for Kingdoms later in the year!
  • An FAQ section for Kingdoms is coming soon! 



  • The Dungeon Challenge system has received a complete overhaul. We told you this was a big update!
  • Also Dungeons are now 3-wave Dungeons, and now feature new layouts that are designed for stronger defenses.
  • Silver and Gold Tier players can now fill out multiple Dungeons (Silver - 3, Gold - 5)
  • If you fill out all of your Dungeons completely, you get Dungeon bonuses like stat buffs to specific Creatures!
    • The bonuses change based on the Event.
  • When challenging someone with multiple Dungeons, you will fight one randomly selected Dungeon that they’ve prepared.
  • Rewards across all tiers have been reworked.



  • Combo Dot Fusion is now available! It’s a good idea to finally start investing in your non 4-Dot Creatures!
    • Take an existing Creature and fuse it with a duplicate that has more Combo Dots to gain additional Combo Dots!
    • This works similarly to Awakenings, however, the Creature that you are adding a combo dot to does NOT need to be fully evolved.
    • The Creature gaining a Combo Dot does NOT gain an Awakening from the Combo Dot Fusion.
    • The Creature with less Combo Dots will always end up with the same amount of Combo Dots as the Creature fused with it. (If fused with a 4-Dot Creature, then the Creature will become a 4-Dot Creature No matter how many Combo Dots it originated with).
  • Added 3 new, unique Quests where your team is restricted to a specific size of Creature (Small, Medium, Large). 
    • Restricted Quests are indicated by a red symbol with a hand.
  • All-new Swag Bags are now available for you to share with your Guildmates. Share the wealth!
    • Swag Bags are only available during Swag Bag Events.
    • During the events, specially marked Cash Shop items and Special Bundles will provide Swag Bags you can Share with your Guild!
    • Swag Bags offer a variety of different items depending on the Event.
  • Ticket & Token Events have now been added
    • Ticket Events: Ticket multi-summons (10 summons) guarantee a 3-Dot or 4-Dot Small or Medium Creature. The chances for 3 or 4 Dot Smalls and Mediums are also increased during the event duration.
    • Token Events: Provides a chance for additional bonus loot. This occurs on the Summon Screen under the Token Chest tab.
  • Emperor Difficulty has been added above King Difficulty.
  • The Community Choice Summon Event, featuring the Creatures decided by YOU, will run Sept 9 – 11!



  • ☠️ Sept 18 – Oct 1 [Seasonal Quest] NEW Event Quest Class Mateys – featuring the new Legendary Creature Asura!
  • ☠️ Sept 18 – Oct 1 [Seasonal Takeover Theme] Davy Jones’ High School Locker.
  • ☠️ Sept 29 – Oct 1 [Summon Event] School of Hard Knocks – featuring the new Legendary Creature Asura!



  • 🏆 Sept 5: [NEW] Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot – Legendary Event
  • 🏆 Sept 12: [NEW] Born to Rock
  • 🏆 Sept 19: [NEW] Boom Goes the Dino Might – Legendary Event
  • 🏆 Sept 26: [NEW] Drake and Bake



  • Pyrosaurus Rex has been modified to do additional damage based on burning targets instead of versus Small/Medium creatures
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy resurrected Creature retained its Stun and Silence immunity.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy resurrected Creature performed its last queued action.
  • Fixed an issue where an enemy Creature decremented their turn counter while dead.
  • Fixed several issues related to Creature sound effect volume.
  • Fixed and issue related to Flesh Giant Abomination’s Awakening passive abilities.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Cloud Giant’s 7th Awakening passive ability.
  • Fixed an issue related to the Treant’s 9th Awakening passive ability.

Quest on! 🏰

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