What is Dungeon Challenge 2.0?

As we mentioned last week, we have a completely revamped PvP mode heading your way for the next patch. Here's what you need to know about Dungeon Challenge 2.0:


  • Dungeons are now 3-wave Dungeons only, and feature new layouts that are designed for stronger defenses.
  • Silver and Gold Tier players can now fill out multiple Dungeons (Silver - 3, Gold - 5)
    • You cannot have the same Creature in multiple Dungeons.
  • For each Dungeon you fill out completely, you get Dungeon bonuses like stat buffs to specific kinds of Creatures! 
    • The bonuses change based on the Event.
  • When challenging someone with multiple Dungeons, you will fight one randomly selected Dungeon that they’ve prepared.
    • Dungeon Preview will show you which randomly selected Dungeon you will fight.
  • Rewards across all tiers will be reworked.
  • 12 completely new Dungeon Challenges with Creatures never featured in a Dungeon Challenge before!


Keep an eye out next week for our Creature Clips video about Kingdoms. Until then, quest on!

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