What's Up With Kingdoms, Dungeon Challenge 2.0, and more!

Hey guys! We know you've been at the edge of your seats since last week's teaser, so you might want to sit back before you fall. We've got lots of information to share about our biggest update ever, which is coming very soon, so let's get started!


  • Check out the details of Kingdoms here!
  • Check out the details of Dungeon Challenge 2.0 here!
  • Combo Dot Fusion: Take an existing Creature and fuse it with a duplicate that has more Combo Dots to gain additional combo dots!
  • Added 3 new, unique Quests where your team is restricted to a specific size of Creature (Small, Medium, Large). 
  • Swag Bags (only available during Swag Bag Events) will be available to share with your guild. During the events, specially marked Cash Shop items and Special Bundles will provide Swag Bags you can share!
  • New kinds of Summon Events! For example, an event that guarantees a 3-Dot or 4-Dot Small or Medium Creature and raises the chances of obtaining 3 and 4-Dots.
  • We have a brand new Legendary Creature, Asura, coming soon!
  • Stay tuned for more information!


Have any questions about Kingdom, Dungeon Challenge 2.0, or any of the above information? Please ask us on our social channels so we can address them in the Creature Clips videos or the patch notes. Keep an eye out next week for the Creature Clips videos that we're releasing for Kingdom and Dungeon Challenge 2.0!


Quest on!



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