Update 1.3.20

Kingdom Mode is almost here. In the meantime, we have many other updates!

You can also watch a video that highlights some of the updates - right here.



     🦎 Aug 12-14 GMT [Summon Event] Reptile Dysfunction – NEW LEGENDARY Whiffling Jabberwock

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  • Major rebalance to Common, Rare, and Epic Creatures – view details here.
  • Dungeon Challenges will now end Tuesdays at 11am PT / 6pm GMT. The following Dungeon Challenge will begin a 1-3 hours after.
  • New! Essences for each Creature Rarity & Color. Find them in the Dungeon Challenge Rewards! The original Essences that you already have will still work like they used to.



  • Thanks for voting for the Community Choice Summon Event, coming in Sept!
  • Mythic Idols now guarantee a 3 or 4 Dot Epic or Legendary Creature.
  • You can now Quick Quest any map while in progress on a different Quest.
  • Battle Tower scoring bonuses updated for Creature Size and Survival.
  • Dungeon Challenge attack list now shows 5 opponents (from 3).
  • Multiple animations in the game have been sped up:
    • Combat Scrolling between waves
    • Wave Complete animation in combat
    • Victory Animation at the end of combat
    • Reward Screen at the end of Combat
    • Reward Screen at the completion of Quest
    • Summon Screen when doing a Multi-Summon
    • Token Chest opening sequence
  • Long press a Creature Icon on the Storage Screen (or the Favorite Star on Creature Info Screen) to see where each Creature is in-use.
  • Dungeon Challenge Rewards have been adjusted.
  • In case you missed it, a new Standard Dungeon was introduced July 18th.
  • Improved match-making: Opponents will no longer show up on your attack list multiple times in a row. The only exception is if they are on both your revenge list and attack list simultaneously, then the max becomes 2 times in a row.                                     
  • The cost of adding Totems has been standardized and is now based on Creature Size, not Stars.
  • New bundles have been added.
  • Can you guess when the Surprise Summon Event in August will be?



  • Improved stability.
  • Fixed an issue with the Wicked Witch’s 3rd Awakening ability.
  • Fixed the Ifrit’s Evo 1 special ability, now does damage based on ATK.
  • Fixed a crash issue on Android related to using the Back Button while applying Totems.
  • Fixed an issue where Large flying Creatures would become cut off from the top of the battle screen.
  • Updated the Siren’s ability description to be more accurate.
  • Fixed a crash that could happen after viewing an Ad.



  • Aug 1: Snakes for Everything
  • Aug 8: Naughty by Nature – Legendary Event
  • Aug 15: Yeti to Roll
  • Aug 22: Clash with the Titan – Legendary Event


Quest On!