Upcoming Balance Changes and More

Hi Questers! There's an update right around the corner, and we wanted to give you guys a little heads up on some MAJOR changes coming to a lot of the Common, Rare, and Epic Creatures so you can plan your teams and Dungeons accordingly. Overall, these changes are being made to not only increase the value of non-Legendary Creatures, but also to increase their utility in Dungeon Defense.


In addition to the balance changes below, we will also have a bunch of new and exciting game updates, including a new start time for Dungeon Challenge, new Awakening Essences, and more! Full details on this will revealed at a later date.


Alright, let’s dive into the balance changes:


Overall: We wanted to make sure that all Creatures had more utility with buffs, debuffs, cleanses, and dispels. Also, to highlight their increased stats, there are now more Creatures that have their ability based on stats other than PWR.


Ability Updates:

Epic Creatures

  • Pegasus: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Unicorn: Made ability LUK-based. This change was made to make it on par with other Creatures with a Revive ability.
  • Walrus Rikishi: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Air Elemental: Added a LUK debuff.
  • Earth Elemental: Added a Cleanse All for 1 debuff.
  • Dark Elemental: Each bolt now has a 50% chance to Dispel an enemy team buff.
  • Gorgon: Made ability DEF-based. Also added a DEF buff and a Dispel to 3 enemy team buffs.
  • Giant Cobra: Made ability LUK-based. Also added a Fatigue debuff.
  • Sea Creeper: Made ability LUK-based. Also added an ATK buff.
  • Water Elemental: Added ATK and DEF buffs.
  • Fire Orc: Added a PWR buff.
  • Centaur Mercenary: Added a PWR buff.
  • Raptor: Changed bonus damage vs. Small and Medium Creatures to PWR and ATK debuffs.
  • Griffin: Changed bonus damage vs. Small and Medium Creatures to DEF and LUK debuffs and a Protection buff.
  • Firebat: Added a Dispel an enemy team buff.
  • Shadow: Added a Cleanse All for 1 debuff.
  • Shard Golem: Added a Cleanse All debuff on self and a Cleanse 1 debuff on party.
  • Yellow Drake: Added a Fatigue debuff.
  • Manticore: Special ability received a damage buff. DoT damage increased significantly, but only lasts 1 turn. Also, Its damage increase vs. Poisoned Creatures is changed to a Fatigue debuff.
  • Draconic Gallant: Increased potency of Protection buff on Awakening.

Rare Creatures

  • Oni: +1 ability charge is changed to bonus damage vs. Large and Boss Creatures.
  • Scourge Hound: Made ability ATK-based.
  • Gargoyle: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Kitsune: Made ability LUK-based.
  • Clockwork: Made ability DEF-based, added a DEF buff.
  • Nymph: Added a PWR buff.
  • Flame Dancer: Made ability LUK-based, added a LUK buff and a dispel for one enemy buff for each hit.
  • Runic Statue: Added Mend All and a Fatigue All debuff.
  • Hippogriff: -100% heal potency per evolution in favor for adding a Revive for friendly target.
  • Dwarven Sky Sentry: +1 Mana Ball is changed to be bonus damage vs. Large and Boss Creatures.
  • Skeleton Warrior: +100 DEF is changed to be an additional Crit chance vs. Large and Boss Creatures.

Common Creatures

  • Ant Soldier: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Woodchick: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Horned Dragonling: Made ability DEF-based.
  • Hobo Rat: Made ability ATK-based. Changed Awakening Ability for bonus damage against Creature below 25% HP to below 50% HP.
  • Devilkin Whelp: Changed Awakening Ability for 30% bonus damage against Creature below 25% HP to 50% bonus damage against Creatures below 50% HP. Also, deals bonus damage against Large and Boss Creatures.
  • Praying Mantis: Added a PWR buff, and added +20% damage versus Large and Boss Creatures to Awakening Ability.
  • Otter Sailor: Added an ATK buff.
  • Black Cat: Added a LUK buff.
  • Magical Mask: Changed 25% PWR Heal All to 25% PWR Mend.
  • Clurichaun: Now has 100% chance for 3 hits, rather than 60%.
  • Wildkin: Gaining additional Mana on deathblow Awakening Ability is changed to bonus damage vs. Large and Boss Creatures.
  • Gnome Crossbowman: Added a chance to Stun vs Large and Boss Creatures.
  • Steam Pug: +1 Mana ball is changed to be +30% chance to Silence vs. Large and Boss Creatures.


Creature Stat Changes:

Epic Creatures

  • Firebat: HP increase.
  • Unicorn: LUK decrease, DEF increase.
  • Shadow: HP increase.
  • Sea Creeper: PWR and LUK decrease, ATK increase.
  • Pegasus: PWR decrease, ATK and DEF increase.
  • Raptor: ATK decrease, HP, PWR, and DEF increase.
  • Dark Elemental: HP and DEF increase.
  • Earth Elemental: DEF decrease, HP increase.
  • Water Elemental: DEF increase.
  • Air Elemental: HP and DEF increase.
  • Giant Cobra: HP and LUK increase.
  • Gorgon: DEF decrease, LUK increase.
  • Gazer: HP and LUK increase.
  • Yeti: ATK decrease, PWR and LUK increase.
  • Fire Elemental: ATK decrease, HP increase.
  • Light Elemental: PWR decrease, ATK increase.
  • Couatl: HP increase.
  • War Elephant: LUK decrease, DEF increase.
  • Treant: PWR decrease, DEF and LUK increase.
  • Draconic Gallant: ATK decrease.

Rare Creatures

  • Dragonfly: ATK decrease, HP increase.
  • Goblin Bomber: HP, PWR, LUK, ATK, and PWR increase.
  • Cursed Marionette: HP and PWR increase.
  • Hag: HP, DEF, and LUK increase.
  • Troll: ATK decrease, LUK increase.

Common Creatures

  • Wacky Toad: HP decrease, DEF increase.
  • Mischievous Demon: HP decrease, DEF increase.
  • Frantic Fowl: ATK decrease, HP and PWR increase.
  • Enchanted Sword: PWR decrease, HP increase.
  • Boggart: DEF and LUK increase.
  • Gnome Crossbowman: ATK and LUK increase.
  • Orderly Nursquito: PWR increase.
  • Gremlin Guerilla: HP, PWR, ATK, and LUK increase.
  • Woodchick: ATK and LUK decrease, HP and DEF increase.
  • Soldier Ant: PWR and DEF decrease, HP increase.
  • Emberwing: LUK increase.


We hope that you guys are looking forward to these changes! We’re stoked about the increased utility of Common, Rare, and Epic Creatures, and can’t wait to see what Creative ways you guys use them in your Dungeons and teams.


Quest on!