Guild Enhancements

We got some exciting new updates to satisfy your guildy pleasures. Here are all the changes we've made to Guilds:


• You can now test your Dungeon Defense with your Guildmates.

• New "Guild Announcements" that can be made visible in chat:

      • When you acquire a Legendary Creature.

      • When you acquire a 4-dot Creature.

      • When you fully Awaken any Creature.

      • When you reach levels 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500.

      • When you clear floor 51 in Battle Tower.

      • When you are promoted in Dungeon Challenge Tiers.

      • When you complete a Quest on King difficulty for the first time.

• Guild Messaging will now last up to 60 entries versus the previous 20.

• Increased Guild Member limit from 20 to 40. Only the top 20 members will count towards the calculations of Dungeon Challenge and Battle Tower scores.


Quest on!