Upcoming Balance Changes

There's an update right around the corner, and we wanted to give you guys a little heads up on some of the changes coming to a handful of Creatures so that you can plan your teams and Dungeons accordingly.


In addition to the balance changes below, we will also have a long list of game updates, including Guild enhancements, new Events, and more! Keep an eye out for this upcoming update.


IMPORTANT:  If you are logged in with Facebook or Google for cloud saving (and if you aren’t, we highly recommend you do), you will be prompted by Facebook / Google upon updating the game to confirm it’s actually you for security purposes. You MUST acknowledge this, or else you will have to close out of the game and redo the process in order to continue playing.


Okay, on to the upcoming balance changes:


Special Ability/Awakening Changes:


  • All Legendary Dragons – 4 and 5 Star versions received a slight damage boost and now have a 100% chance to cast Debuffs/DoTs.
  • Green Dragon – Adjusting Poison to be shorter but stronger, allowing for more damage potential.
  • Gold Dragon – Adding Fatigue debuff for more utility.
  • Alchemist – Now uses LUK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Adding Mend buff and tweaking DoTs to be shorter but stronger, providing more utility.
  • Archangel – Now uses ATK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Focusing more damage to fewer targets for more consistency.
  • Chimera – Now uses LUK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Reworked to cause a massive Poison to the main hit (comparable to the Phoenix!). Awakenings now also provide vastly increased survivability. 
  • Kirin – Adding random Cleanses to occur before the heals, providing a strong utility to this strong healer.
  • Megalodon – Now uses ATK to emphasize Creature’s strengths. Removing ‘random’ targeting and adding a slight damage increase, making it a more reliable damage dealer.


  • Banshee – Fixing an issue with its awakened ability: additional hit has intended chance to silence.
  • Fire Giant – Fixing an issue with its awakened ability: additional hit has an intended chance to stun.
  • Contenderoo – Fixing an issue with its awakened ability: will now hit the intended number of times.
  • Shaitan – Fixing an issue with its awakened ability: heal will apply as intended when buffed.
  • Siren – Fixing an issue where the main target Cleanse was inconsistent with the adjacent target Cleanses.
  • Silence – Will now properly add the ‘Silence Immune’ shield the first turn after being applied. 


Stat modifications for balancing purposes:


  • Alchemist 
  • Archmage
  • Banshee
  • Chimera
  • Cyclops
  • Green Dragon
  • Kirin
  • Lich
  • Pyromancer
  • Succubus


  • Megalodon – Because its Special Ability is now based on ATK, we decreased it slightly. But don’t worry – we didn’t jump the shark – it will still be doing more damage than before!
  • Forest Giant – Creature was too well rounded, dealing decent damage and stunning enemies, while also healing the entire party. We like his utility, but his PWR stat made him do his job a little too well. 
    • Being a Giant, he also had massive HP. Because of his utility, we decided to make him a little less healthy than his Giant Bros. Don’t count him out though, he’ll still be sticking around the battlefield with increased DEF. 


Before you ask, no, we don’t have an exact date for the update, but we can tell you that it’s planned to arrive very soon. ☺


Quest on!