Battle Tower: Remastered

New to Creature Quest’s latest update (1.2), the Battle Tower has officially been completely redesigned! This all-new PvE experience puts your battle skills to the test. Build the best team of Creatures you can and embark on a Quest through the multi-leveled Battle Tower, scoring points in different battles to breeze past your friends (and foes) on the leaderboards to earn rewards.


Major Changes:


  • Global and Guild Leaderboards have been added. 🏆
  • You will be ranked based on the following elements: 
    • 💥 Damage Points: Based on damage done.
    • 🎨 Colors Points: Based on attacking a Creature with the correct color.
    • 💀 Overkill Points: Based on overkill damage.
    • 🔵 Mana Bonus: Based on remaining Mana.
    • ➕ HP Bonus: Based on remaining HP.
    • 😇 Revive Bonus: Based on whether a Creature fell in battle and was revived by allies.
    • 👹 Boss Floor Bonus: Based on whether the floor you cleared was a Boss floor.
  • At the end of a scoring period, rewards are distributed based on what percentile your score falls under on the leaderboards. The higher the percentile you fall under, the greater your prize.
  • The Battle Tower resets each week after the final scores have been determined. Upon the reset, all floor will be relocked and all scores will be reset.
  • Prizes will still be given on certain stages, but bonuses (2x Gold, etc.) have been removed. These Floor prizes are one-time rewards. Boss floors (every 4 floors) have bigger prizes. These prizes will return with each reset of the Battle Tower.
  • You can no longer use Diamonds to revive your team when in a battle in the Battle Tower. Make sure you are prepared for a fight!
  • Common and Rare Creatures in Battle Tower are always at a 2x Drop Rate.
  • You unlock the ability to use Quick Battle Coins upon defeating a floor, rather than beating the Boss floor that follows it. Using a Quick Battle Coin does not affect your score.


Quest on!