Amazon S3 Outage - Details

Today, Creature Quest was down due to a global outage with Amazon S3. This outage affected any online services that utilizes Amazon S3 across all industries. Though the outage was out of our control, we will be sending a 150 Diamond compensation to everyone due to not being able to access the game. Compensation will be automatically mailed to those who play the game in the next 48 hours. If you don't see the Diamonds in your mailbox, please close out and relaunch the application.

Even with this outage, the Dungeon Challenge, Goring Gorgon, still ended at the same time. Whatever placement you were when the outage happened is your final ranking for the event.

The next Dungeon Challenge, You Need A Bigger Boat, will begin on Thursday, 3/2 GMT, but the end time will not be affected.


Thanks for playing! Quest on! 

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