Upcoming 1.6 Game Update Preview


  • New Creatures added: Raiju (Boss), Dracolich (Boss), Plant Nymph (Medium)
  • Plant Nymph is a featured Battle Tower reward with minimum 3 dots
  • Updated shield duration to 5, 8 and 24 hours, with cool down for re-use
  • Max Creature storage increased to 700
  • Second Combo Dot set available for creatures
  • Leaving a guild adds cool down for rejoin until current challenge event ends and rewards sent
  • Increased Diamond reward x2 for watching ads
  • Increased Diamond reward x4 for daily guild member login
  • Castle level shown in Attack list and Defense Log
  • Guild members can be sorted by Renown
  • Gold/XP buff returns to diamond shop as single item
  • New Expert map - Giant Problem
  • New Holiday map featuring NEW Legendary Raiju
  • January Event Map featuring NEW Legendary Dracolich
  • Guild members can filter guild notifications in Settings
  • Diamond Events can occur with increased chance for 3 or 4 Combo Dots
  • Added unclaimed swag bag visual indication in chat
  • New dungeon layout for Dungeon 3
  • Reduced the cost of  Lady of the Lake
  • Reduced higher level Rush costs in Kingdoms


  • Pegasus: Increased party DEF Buff, awakening modified to DEF based Mend Buff
  • Raptor:  Added PWR Mend Buff
  • Ogre: Increased accuracy of random hits, added Buff to team ATK
  • Baboon: Added ATK based poison, increasing HP threshold to 50% from 25% for increased damage on awakening, and changing DEF debuff to party ATK buff on awakening.
  • Cockatrice: Added 3-turn stun to adjacent enemies on awakening
  • Harpy: Increased chance of landing all Debuffs
  • Centaur: awakening modified to a PWR Mend Buff
  • Sandworm: HP boost
  • Stegosaurus: DEF boost
  • Druid: HP boost


  • [Dec 14-26] Holiday Game Takeover
  • [Dec 20-26] Holiday Quest – Holiday Heist
  • [Dec 24-26] Summon Event – Here Comes Santa Claws – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Raiju
  • [Jan 12-18] New Years Quest – Year of the Dracolich
  • [Jan 12-18] New Years Game Takeover
  • [Jan 16-18] Summon Event – Resolution to Ruin – feat NEW LEGENDARY – Dracolich
  • Plus many other surprises – Token Chest, Ticket, and Diamond Summon Events plus King’s Bounty Events – check in daily!

Upcoming Dungeon Challenges:

  • [Dec 12-19] Boom Goes the Dino Might - Stegosaurus *Legendary
  • [Dec 19-26] Drake and Bake - Yellow Drake
  • [Dec 26-Jan 2] Knighty Knight - Paladin *Legendary
  • [Jan 2-9] Just a Hunch - Hunchback

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