Welcome to Creature Quest

Welcome to Creature Quest! 

If you have questions, check out the Tutorials again, accessed by pressing the Player Portrait on the top left of the screen next to your name, and selecting the "Tutorial" tab.

Additionally, we have put together some Game Guides for you to read through here and some FAQ here. Some Beginner's Tips & Tricks are below.

There are also Help Videos on our YouTube channel.

If you still need help, or want to send us any feedback, you may contact us here.

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Happy Questing!


Beginner's Tips & Tricks



  • Level up your creatures!  The colored gems you earn as treasure can be used to make your Creatures more powerful.  You can access this by going to Creatures, and then tapping on the Level Up button.
  • Creatures that reach maximum level can be Evolved to their next state. When a Creature is maximum level tap the Evo button to see what materials are required to evolve.   When the Creature evolves, it will be level 1 and will need to be leveled up again to a new maximum level.  Evolving makes the Creature more powerful: higher maximum level, better statistics, and improvements to their special ability. Note: Creatures can only be evolved twice.


  • Your Creatures can attack in any order you choose, but remember that all enemy turn counters decrement each time a single one of your Creatures takes an action.
  • You can target enemy Creatures by tapping on them.  Use this to precisely strategize your special abilities and elemental advantages.
  • Remember each Creature’s elemental advantage.  Your Creatures will do additional damage to advantaged targets and reduced damage against disadvantaged targets.


  • Completing a quest at 100% gives you an extra bonus-- one of the rewards from the map chests will be doubled.  Get 100% by picking up all the treasure and visiting all the locations on the map.
  • Tokens can be used to buy chests in the Shop.  Go to the Token Chest tab and pick which chest you want to purchase.  Each one has increasing levels of potential experience gems and evolution materials.
  • The Options screen has a tab for Tutorials where you can review any Tutorial you have unlocked.
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