Creatures 101

Here is some helpful information on Creatures:

There are several ways to obtain new Creatures. 
1. Summon Creatures by pressing the Summon tab on the Home Screen. 
2. Collect Creatures that join you after certain battles.
3. Win Creatures as prizes in Dungeon Challenge Events

Creatures have different rarity and potential number of stars. You can continue to level up and eventually evolve Creatures, adding a new star as you play. For example, you have a Dragonling with 1 star, but its maximum star potential is 3 stars. As the Dragonling evolves and gains stars, its potential attributes and appearance will improve. Note that you must level a Creature up to its maximum level before you can evolve it.

Here are the 4 types of Creatures:
Common - 3 Total Potential Stars
Rare - 4 Total Potential Stars
Epic - 5 Total Potential Stars
Legendary - 6 Total Potential Stars 

Creatures belong to 1 of 6 different Colors. This is important when bringing your team into battle. Here is a graphic to help explain the colors:


Press "Creatures" from the bottom of the Home Screen to see all of your Creatures. From here, you can easily build new Teams, Recycle Creatures, view Creature attributes and abilities, Level-Up, and Evolve Creatures.

More information about Creatures will be explained as you play. If you need to revisit any tutorials, they can be found in a tab in the Options menu, accessed by pressing the Player Portrait on the top left of the Home Screen, next to your name.



Access Awakenings from the Customize menu in the Creature Info Screen. To Awaken a Creature, the Creature must be at their maximum Star count. 

On a fully Evolved Creature, access the Awakening menu to view the available Awakening benefits. The Awakening benefits are unique for each Creature, and include Stat Boosts, new Passive Abilities, or new powers added to their Special Ability - only available through Awakenings.

The Awakening benefits are listed in order, requiring you to Awaken each before you unlock the next one. To Awaken each benefit, you will need to fuse at least 1 of that same Creature from your inventory, as noted. Press the plus (+) symbol(s) on the bottom of the screen to select the required Creatures for fusing, and to see the amount of Gold needed. 

There are also special milestone Awakening benefits that provide you with Awakened Stars - turning your Creature's Stars crimson for each one unlocked. These Awakenings provide you with the most unique benefits for each Creature. The potential total of Awakened Stars is equivalent to the Creature's original maximum number of Stars.

Note that the Creatures needed for fusing do not have any level requirements, but they will be lost from your inventory and bound to the Awakened Creature forever. If you're too attached to your Creatures to fuse them for an Awakening, you can use an Awakening essence instead, but these are extremely rare and hard to find.

We hope that Awakenings provides you with more value for all of your extra Creatures, plus additional strategy regarding Creature Collection and decisions around Recycling.



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