Q: Is there a way to get low level evolution items other than playing low level Quests?

A: Lower level evolution items can be found within Token Chests, which can be purchased by going to the Summon screen and selecting the Token Chest tab. Fragments can be found in the Common Token Chest, while Sigils can be found in the Rare Token Chest.


Q: How do Quick Battle Coins work?  Do I have to beat the quest before I’m able to use the token to skip fights?

A: Once you achieve 100% on a Quest, a Quick Battle Coin Icon will appear next to that difficulty in the map list. This allows the use of Quick Battle Coins to skip the encounters on that difficulty. To use a Quick Battle Coin, open a battle and tap the Quick Battle Button. This will consume a Quick Battle Coin as well as the Energy the encounter requires. For more information about Quick Battle Coins, check out the Quick Battle Tutorial in game


Q: What is the deal with the Donkeys?

A: Donkeys are often found wandering the lands in Creature Quest, hauling valuable treasure around. They are quiet, shy, and will often run away when encountered, but, on rare occasions, you might be able to battle one for their haul of loot.


Q: What is the best way to earn gold?

A: If you need gold, one of the best ways to get some is to wait until the weekend and play The Wealthiest Tavern Quest, which is available on Wednesdays and weekends.  This quest yields a large amount of gold. Alternatively, recycling Creatures can provide you with gold if you are in a pinch. Overall though, completing any Quest will result in a decent gold gain so get out there and go Questing!


Q: How do I do the Quests on higher difficulties?

A: To play a Quest at a higher difficulty, you must first complete the Quest at the previously available difficulty. All quests have the easiest difficulty, Squire, unlocked by default. Once a quest is completed on Squire, the next difficulty will unlock – Knight, and so on.


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