Q: I linked my account with Facebook or Google, but I didn’t get my 90-diamond reward.

A: This reward is delivered via the mail system, which is accessed by pressing the Rewards Tab on the Home screen. Sometimes the mail can get delayed a little, but the gift box will appear when it arrives. If it's still not there, try relaunching the game.


Q: I'm not getting as many Creature Drops as I used to in Event Quests. Does that mean there is a glitch?

A: All drop rates are currently working as intended.


Q: I sent an email to, but I haven’t heard back.

A: Help emails are typically addressed during regular office hours: Monday-Friday 10AM-7PM PST. Please note that if the answer can be found here in the FAQ page, you will not receive a reply.


Q: What is a Swag Bag?

A: When you make a purchase using real money in Creature Quest, you will obtain Swag Bags. You can share these in your Guild, and your Guildmates can claim a random item from the bag. The contents of the bag depend on what color the previous King's Bounty Swag Bag Event was, as well if if a King's Bounty Swag Bag Event is active.


Q: How do I know what color the contents of a Swag Bag is going to be?

A: The color is determined when the Swag bag is shared with your Guild. If you share it during a King's Bounty Swag Bag Event, the color will be whatever color that Event is. If you share it out side of an Event, it will take the color of whatever the previous Event was.


Q: I just got a Crown in a Swag Bag. What does it do?

A: Crowns can only be found in Swag Bags during a King's Bounty Swag Bag event. Any Crowns you find will count towards your entire Guild's total amount of Crowns. When your Guild finds a certain amount of Crowns, your entire Guild will receive the listed prize. After you receive that prize, the goal is extended to a higher amount of Crowns for more/better prizes, and so on.


Q: Why is my Friends List empty?

A: After update 1.2, the only way to add friends to your Friends List is by connecting your game to Facebook. Any friends that you have on Facebook that also play Creature Quest will automatically appear on you friends list. Please Note: The Recruit-A-Friend feature does not add friends to your friends list.


Q: How come I can only redeem one code for Recruit-A-Friend?

A: Recruit-A-Friend only works for one code because only one person can recruit you. However, you can get multiple people to join Creature Quest by getting them to use your code-- that's what really matters. Check out the Recruit-A-Friend Page on the Social tab for more info on rewards that you can get from recruiting.


Q: Can you log into a second device with the same account? How?

A: If you register Creature Quest with Google or Facebook, you can login on a 2nd device and continue with your same account. To login with either system, press your Avatar button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to open the Options menu and login with either account. If you are already connected to an incorrect Facebook or Google account, select "Modify Account". NOTE: We strongly recommend that you connect your CQ account with Facebook or Google. That way all of your saved data is backed up.


Q: I would like a refund for my in-app purchase. Who should I contact?

A: Please forward all refund inquiries to the store at which you downloaded Creature Quest (Apple/Google/Amazon).


Q: My purchase failed. What should I do?

A: If you relaunch the game, the purchase will be retried.


Q: I accidentally linked my game with the wrong Facebook/Google Account. Can I unlinked it so that I can switch to the correct account?

A: Click your avatar, then click "Modify Account" to switch accounts.


Q: I want to restart my game. How do I do that?

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to restart your game progress from the beginning.


Q: Can you unlink my Facebook/Google Account or restart my game progress for me?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot unlink your account nor can we restart your game progress for you. Why would you want to get rid of all of you wonderful Creatures? They love you!


Q: Are Android and iOS users part of the same ecosystem?

A: Yes, both Android and iOS users are part of the same ecosystem in Creature Quest.


Q: How can I add a player to my friends list?

A: Connect your account to Facebook. Any friends that you have there that also play Creature Quest will automatically be on your friends list. Please not that using the Recruit-A-Friend feature does not add a player to your Friends List.


Q: Where’s my reward?

A: In your mail, accessed by pressing on the Rewards tab on the main home screen.


Q: I often see a message telling me that my connection is not good or the diamond icon spins for a long time before an action completes.

A: The game relies on having a reasonably good internet connection, so if your signal degrades or the Wi-Fi you are connected to experiences fluctuating quality, you will see this reflected in the game.  You may want to suspend your play until your connection improves.



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