Q: When do the dungeon awards go out?

A: Dungeon awards go out shortly after the completion of the current active Dungeon Challenge.


Q: How long does the Dungeon Challenge run?

A: Each Dungeon Challenge runs approximately 1 week.


Q: How are Dungeon Challenge final standings determined?

A: All the data from everyone's individual devices are sent to the server at the end of each event. The server calculates and determines the official rankings and sends the appropriate rewards and final rankings to your device within 30 minutes of the event ending. If you see a discrepancy in rankings near the end of the event, rest assured that the server has all of the official data, and your leaderboard will be updated appropriately within that timeframe. 


Q: Why can’t I revenge players that attacked my dungeon?  Is there a time limit to get revenge?

A: Once another Player attacks your dungeon, they will only remain on your revenge list for 24 hours. Once the time limit has expired, that Player will be removed from your revenge list.


Q: Can you turn off your dungeon in the middle of an event?

A: Yes, you can toggle your Dungeons on and off throughout the Dungeon Challenge Event, however, you must have at least one active at all times.


Q: What happens if you remove all your Creatures from your dungeon mid challenge?

A: You cannot activate a dungeon without any Creatures in it. If you remove all your Creatures after activating a dungeon for a Dungeon Challenge event, Players will still be able to attack your dungeon, as it will use the last valid dungeon you activated.


Q: How do challenge points refill? 

A: Challenge points begin to refresh as soon as they are used. A point will recharge after a set amount of time, up to the maximum amount of challenge points.


Q: Why can some Creatures fit in slots in my dungeon but not others of the same size?

A: The slots on the upper portion of the screen in dungeons can only be filled with flying Creatures while slots on the lower portion of the screen can only be filled with ground Creatures. So, while the slot size is the same, non-flying creatures cannot be placed in flying Creature slots and vice versa. Slots will automatically filter out Creatures that can fit into that slot when you attempt to place a Creature in that slot.


Q: How are the players I can attack in the Dungeon Challenge determined?

A: Players who should be around the same Prestige and skill level are chosen at random for your attack list in the Dungeon Challenge.


Q: Am I competing against EVERY person playing Creature Quest for the featured Creature offered as the reward in the Dungeon Challenge?

A: While you are competing against other Creature Quest players to earn the featured Creature as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranked player in the Dungeon Challenge, you are not competing against every person playing Creature Quest when you compete in the Dungeon Challenge. Each Player is placed in their own bracket consisting of 500 other players (that number is subject to change) that are in their same tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold). Your bracket of 500 players are the only players you compete against for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd ranks in order to earn a Creature in the Dungeon Challenge.


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