Q: Why does my Creature with 3 Combo Dots of the same color only get a 2x multiplier? 

A: The multiplier provided by Combo Dots is dependent on the number of UNIQUE colors present in the Combo Dots. For example, if a Creature has 2, 3 or 4 Combo Dots but all the Combo dots are the same color, the maximum combo that creature can obtain is a 2x Multiplier. If you want more information about Combo Dots, please watch the Combo Dots 101 video.


Q: Is having duplicate colored Combo Dots a good thing or bad thing?

A: Having the same colored Combo Dots can be beneficial depending on your playstyle. While having more Combo Dots of the same color lower the total combo multiplier, it does make it easier to combo that Creature, since it requires less overall Creatures to consume the Combo Dots. Additionally, if there is a Creature who has a special ability that you want to use often, having another Creature with color matching Combo Dots provide it with mana at a faster rate.


Q: How come sometimes I see Creatures get odd number multipliers? 9x, etc.

A: In combat, if a Creature is comboing and defeats an enemy Creature, all other combos get +1 to their combo multiplier. This, and additional information, is also covered in the Combo Dots 101 video.


Q: Can Creature buffs stack?

A: Buffs cast by a Creature’s Special Ability cannot stack, however, Creatures will always use the best version of a buff. For example, if two Creatures cast a DEF buff, one at 15% and one at 50%, they will benefit from the 50% buff as opposed to the 15% buff or a 65% buff.


Q: How do the combo-dots and multipliers work?

A: The combo-dots and multipliers add additional strategic elements to team-building and battles. Here is a brief explanation of this system:

When a Creature attacks, it takes the combo dots of its color from all the other Creatures that have not attacked yet and converts that into mana. The attacking Creature will also take its own combo dots, if present. The mana bar is what powers up a Creature’s special ability. Note that Creatures also gain mana by attacking and killing enemy Creatures.

If a Creature has all of its combo dots taken by other Creatures, then that Creature attains a combo state and gains a multiplier to deal extra damage. The multiplier increases based on the number of unique combo dots that Creature has (1=2x, 2=4x, 3=8x, 4=16x). Additionally, if a Creature is combo-ing and defeats an enemy Creature, all other combos gain an additional multiplier.

For example, the x4 multiplier combo would improve to a x5 multiplier. This results in a variety of strategies when forming your team – regarding the colors of each Creature, its Special Abilities, its combo dots, and the order in which you attack with each (whether the focus is on filling up mana or getting the multipliers).


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